Learn How to Meditate in 5 Minutes

Life can be difficult and letting stress build up can be harmful to your physical and emotional health. Meditation is a great way to ease the mind and protect yourself against destructive emotional states. Instead of focusing on the things in your life you cannot control, you focus on your state of mind, which you have complete control of. Practicing meditation improves your ability to regulate your emotions and also concentration. Physically, meditation also slows aging by changing brain physiology and improves cardiovascular and immune health by reducing blood pressure.

Five simple steps:

1. Use a timer or alarm clock to keep track of the time. To start off with, do three minutes, then work your way up to five.

2. Position yourself comfortably, in a seated position, in a chair or on the floor.

3. Sit up with your back straight, place your hands in your lap or wherever is comfortable, and close your eyes.

4. Focus on your breath and the sensation of air moving through your body; clear your mind and concentrate on the present.

5. You may find that your mind wanders and thoughts come and go. Acknowledge these thoughts and put them aside, redirecting your focus to the present. Use your breath as an anchor.

This is mindfulness based meditation, which revolves around being aware of yourself in the present and putting aside stress about the past or future. To be mindful is to focus on your thoughts and actions in the present, to not judge yourself or let your mind stray.

Try it yourself! You can use the guided meditation video below.